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Lenniko - "supplier of LLOYD Universal Tensile Testing Machine Systems"
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Optional Accessories
Non Contacting Extensometer
Laserscan 200
Contacting & non-contacting type for many different testing applications is available.

Laserscan 200 Non-Contacting Type

- for accurate strain measurement

- includes 4 gain settings allowing it to be used over a wide range of gauge lengths

  without adjustment  to its calibration or position.


IR750 Infra Red Non- Contacting Extensometer

- for accurate strain measurement

- 750 mm (30 in) Travel

- 10mm Minimum Gage Length

- Encoder Resolution better than 2 microns

- Accuracy better than 1% of reading above 2mm

- Tracking Speed up to 1500 mm/min

- complete with sample marking kit


EXH750/EXL750 Long Travel Contacting Type

- specifically aimed at the plastic and rubber industries to provide accurate readings of 

  strain and extension over a large extension range.


STGA High Resolution Strain Gauge Type

-  precision extensometer, designed for testing a wide range of  materials including 

    metals, plastics, composites and  ceramics.

Long Travel Contacting Type Extensometer

High Resolution Strain Gauge Extensometer

Thermal Cabinet/Chamber

Themal Chamber & Furnace

TC540 Thermal Chamber

for LR, LRPlus, EZ Series, and LS100 with temp. range from +40C to 300C


TC550 Thermal/Cooling Chamber

for LR, LRPlus, EZ Series, and LS100 with temp. range from -70C to 300C















TCF950 Themal Furnace

High temperature split furnace with a temperature range from 50C - 950C for use with LR Series


Thermal Furnace for testing at high temperature
TSF950 Furnace